C. Salustij Crispi De coniuratione Catilinae, e…

C. Salustij Crispi De coniuratione Catilinae, et De bello Iugurthino historiae : In M. Tullium Ciceronem oratio. M. Tullij Ciceronis ad Salustium responsio. Eiusdem Ciceronis In L. Catilinam orationes quinque. Lucij Catilinae in M.T. Ciceronem orationes responsiuae duae. Porcij Latronis Declamatio in L. Catilinam. Fragmenta quædam ex libris historiarum Salustij. Sallust, etal. Ionnam Mariam Bonellum.


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Good, covers soiled and lightly wormed, some dampstaining mostly marginal, very light marginal worming to a few leaves. Old plan vellum. Imperial octavo, 29.5×21.5 cm. Latin text. An uncommon edition with nice woodcut headpieces and initials. weight: 1.9 lb. Ionnam Mariam Bonellum. Venetiis. 1565. [10], 161 leaves. Woodcut headpieces and initials.

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Weight 1.9 lbs

Sallust, etal


Ionnam Mariam Bonellum.

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