Ying U Tsap Ts’un or The Chinese and English In…

Ying U Tsap Ts’un or The Chinese and English Instructor. 5 volumes (of 6). T’ong Ting-Ku.


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Very good, some soiling a wrinkling to paper labels, a little soling to covers, ends of ribbon ties frayed. Stabbed and stitched plain wraps, paper labels, contemporary wooden case with ribbon ties. 28×16 cm. “””””””Very scarce. “”””””””It is written by the author, a native of Canton province, in the Canton dialect, chiefly to suit the Canton people who have transactions, or are connected, with foreigners. The words are first given in Chinese; then pronunciation of such words, written in English; then the meaning of such words in the English language; and lastly, the pronunciation of the English will enable foreigners to learn Chinese. As the words are arranged under different headings, references can easily be made. This book also contains a copy of the Tariff, and many other useful tables, such as times and seasons, weights and measures, &c.”. Heavy book, weight: 3.2 lb. may require extra shipping.”””””””. Canton. 1862.

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T’ong Ting-Ku

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